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Bringing you lots of happiness…

The name of our clinic “FELIZ”, means “happiness” in Spanish and it is our wish to make our patients HAPPY through first class dental care.

We individualize your treatment plan to meet your needs. We hope to provide care for life because we believe your total health and beauty have to involve healthy teeth.

Your Dental treatment is very important for promoting well-being in your life and we wish you happiness as we provide the very best treatment available.

Dr. Hisae Sakuma/Director
Graduated from Graduate School of Dental Medicine,
Hokkaido University
Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry
Japanese Assoc. of Periodontology

Dental Hygienists Profile
Ikuko Omatsu Ikuko Omatsu
Dental Food Education Expert
Kumiko Kobayashi Kumiko Kobayashi
Certified Instructor of the Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Ikuko Omatsu Ikuko Omatsu
スタッフ写真 渋谷区広尾・フェリス広尾デンタルクリニック歯科助手 上嶌 亜莉
Japan Association
for Dental Treatment
Treatment Coordinator
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