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Cosmetic Dentistry:Ceramic

For a beautiful smile.

Hybrid Ceramic Inlays
We use a special material consisting of a hybrid of ceramic and plastic. We chose a natural look color to exactly match your teeth thereby providing aesthetic enhancement to your smile. Hybrid ceramic inlays replace unsightly silver amalgam fillings.

Hybrid Ceramic Crowns
There are no restorative materials which are more wear resistant or more friendly to the oral environment than ceramics. Hybrid Ceramic Crowns are perfect replacements for silver amalgam fillings in posterior teeth.

Metal Bonding Ceramics Crowns / Bridges
This is a highly reliable treatment providing both aesthetic merit and very high strength.

All Ceramic Crowns
All Ceramic Crowns are completely metal free They look natural and do not cause darkening of gum or metal allergic reactions.


Zirconia Crowns / Bridges
We use metal-free zircon frames with our ceramics. The final result is clear, white and strong and in addition it is free of metalic allergies.

Ceramic Laminate Veneers
This technology places a thin layer of ceramic on the surface of a patient's tooth. You can actually choose the colour of the veneers and hence the colour of your teeth. We can also correct the alignment of teeth to provide a much more aesthetic appearance.