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Cosmetic Dentistry:Whitening

For a beautiful smile.

Office Whitening treatment (Beyond Whitening System)

You can brighten your smile with our safe and reliable whitening treatments and you will notice the difference immediately - so will everyone else.

We recommend Beyond Whitening System to guarantee your total satisfaction.

What’s good about Office whitening treatment?
Most patients notice the difference after just a few treatments. Professional tooth whitening with a special light provides the best results and you will be satisfied with the treatment we provide.
What’s good about Beyond Whitening System?
Beyond Whitening System uses a special filter to reduce the heat from halogen lights and provide ultraviolet protection. It is a very safe method and gives a great whitening result.


Home Whitening treatment

Gel in a personal mouthpiece can gradually whiten your teeth at home.
This will take about 2 weeks.